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 The Unscreened Don’t Benefit From an Unused Test

Every year 1 in 3 age eligible Americans goes unscreened for colorectal cancer.

Take-home stool tests have low compliance rates that leave many unscreened. In a clinical study, the FDA-approved Epi proColon blood test has demonstrated a compliance rate of 99.5%. Unscreened patients with colorectal cancer tend to be diagnosed in later stages when symptoms exhibit. Screening the unscreened leads to early cancer detection and prevention by polyp/lesion removal, resulting a reduction in healthcare costs.

FIT-Stool DNA67%
Epi proColon Blood Test99.5%

*References available upon request

In the unscreened population, Epi proColon will screen more people, detect more cancers/lesions, and make a great addition to your colon cancer screening program. If 10,000 patients are offered the different testing options, these are the expected outcomes:

Managed Care
Managed Care


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